6 Inch Wind Spinner Sublimation Blank 6 Pack


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Our 6 inch wind spinner sublimation blank. Our wind spinners have a white base coat and a high gloss finish. After they are printed you can fan them open and add the supplied swivel to the top of the piece. Hang it outside and watch your design come to life. Pack of 6. Bring your outdoor décor to life with vibrant images that spin and swirl in the wind. Step into the wild world of digital art with a unique product that can’t help but catch the eye and awe the spirit!

Dye-Sublimation Tips: Use 1/2 inch Nomex pad on the bottom of the press. Use medium pressure. Press at 385 degrees for 3 minutes and 30 seconds. If pressing a double sided item, press both sides at once. Remove paper from the part immediately after pressing.

Weight: 3 lb

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6 Inch Wind Spinner Sublimation Blank 6 Pack