From Wholesale to Retail

Metal Art Maker by Next Innovations is an industry leader in high-quality, customizable metal wall art. In the past, our organization primarily served other large companies, like Disney, who purchased our work in bulk with personalized designs for wholesale distribution. But with over 20 years of experience creating amazing artwork, we wanted to share our skills with a wider audience. Now, anyone can buy a custom piece of metal wall art with Metal Art Maker by Next Innovations!

Our Process

Our process starts with the design team, who come up with unique ideas and images for our product lines. We strive to eliminate waste and maximize the use of our metal with precision placement of these designs onto steel sheets. Feeding the design details into our laser cutter, they cut the steel sheets into the intricate shapes we require.
A seven-step pretreatment process and powder coating are next to protect our metal art for years to come. Finally, we use a unique dye-sublimation printing method to make the image part of the paint, so you’ll never have to worry about the image coming off.

Made in America

Every aspect of the Metal Art Maker by Next Innovations process begins and ends at our facilities in the United States. Based out of Walker, Minnesota, we believe that our direct oversight ensures the quality and durability of our work. 
If you’re interested in learning more about our work, the process, or our team, reach out to us today!

Meet our team

Arnold Volker

CEO / Owner


Corry Hill

Ecommerce Sales


Dawson Volker

Product Design


Theresa Boser