Metal Wall Art fan

Wayne Benson started experimenting with game calls after a friend requested an elk call, then another requested a goose call. Soon he realized that the calls must be consistent and searched throughout the United States for appropriate reed systems of high quality and ones that produced the desired results. Then the challenge became finding the appropriate wood products that would produce an excellent sound and maintain durability in all types of conditions. The resulting laminated birch produces consistent high quality and after being hand dipped two to three times in polyurethane the resulting call is attractive, durable, and produces consistent excellent results.

Wayne’s Countryside Products website offers all American-made game calls and art. Featured on the entrepreneur’s website are many photorealistic metal wall art products. Wayne has worked with MetalArt Maker to design, manufacture and offer these specialty items to his loyal customers. Wayne says the 3D metal art makes a spectacular display for home or cabin decor, and they also make quality gifts.” We think he made the right call on that.

Benson_3hook Benson_5hook